Sunday, July 20, 2008

Walton Lighthouse Santa Cruz.

On this trip we where accompanied by Eddies eldest daughter Jennifer. She just came back from Ireland. The day started off a bit foggy, but soon brightened up. This was a short trip because we had to head back for a party in Eddies house. Some cousins living in Berkley who where from Mayo came a visiting.
Anyway we started off around 11:00 am headed down highway one, from the half moon bay direction. Of course the coast highway has its own scenic routes which makes the journey pleasant. Its always a pleasure to drive past Pigeon Point on the way. We stopped had some coffee, cookies and soft drinks.
We navigated our way to the South Side of Santa Cruz, its near the Crows Nest. Easy to find parking. The walk out to the lighthouse was beautiful and the scenery was pleasant and breath taking. We got see seals, which Jamie was delighted to see and some pelicans.

Late 2001, the Walton lighthouse was built in Santa Cruz. It is also known as Santa Cruz Harbor Light, it is built on the West Jetty of Santa Cruz Harbor. It is about 54 ft tall and house a green Optic. There is a nice restaurant on the way in, it serves a good clam chowder. It is also located alongside one of the most beautiful beach in California. The sand is white and soft and complements the lighthouse. Yachts and birds are constantly going in and out of the harbor. It got its name from Charles Walton who donated $60,000 towards the project.
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